The ScienceForum is a facility of the Didactics of Chemistry and part of the student laboratory association SUSi at the University of Siegen.

It was launched in 1999 with the long-term objective of promoting dialogue between scientists and laymen about chemistry.

We offer experimental courses for school classes of all grades. The courses are designed age-based and take into account the contents of the curriculum.

The lab-courses are conducted in the laboratory of the Chemistry Didactics. Here, a wide range of experimental materials are available, eg 5 digestories, where the students can work. The further equipment with, among other things, spectrophotometers, vacuum pumps, rotary evaporators etc. allows chemical experimentation beyond the usual school possibilities.

The classes are supervised by laboratory director Dr. Udo Führ as well as some students in small groups during the experiments, which are mostly built up in stations.

Interested teachers can contact Dr. Führ and select a topic from the list or, if necessary, also discuss a specific program.

The lab-courses are free of charge. They take place during the lecture-period at the University of Siegen, usually from mid-April to mid-July and mid-October to mid-February.

The Science Forum is funded by the NRW Initiative zdi.