flex For some topics we offer material for the preperation and post-processing in class. These practical courses are specially marked.



From sheep to wool
We will spin, felt and stain wool and learn something about the chemical background of these processes.

Soil and clay
Students will examine soil components and work with clay that they have excavated by themselves.

From grain to breadflex-angebite
We will work with different kinds of grain and learn about the chemistry of baking bread.

Plants and their ingredients
Students will concern theirselves with the ingredients of medical plants or plants used for the extraction of fragrances and dyes.

More than honey – bees in action
We examine the production of honey and wax and learn something about busy bees.

Making fire – then and today
We try to make and extinguish fire with different materials and learn the basics about combustion.

CO– elixir and climate killer
We will examine carbon dioxide in its different cycles and discuss possible consequences caused by human intervention.

On demand we can offer additional teaching material.

Environmental analysis
Students will analyze soil and water samples taken by themselves and learn something about the structure and function of particular natural materials.

On demand we can offer additional teaching material.

Renewable resources
Starch as a renewable resource is examined from the seed to the end-product (glue or foil).

On demand we can offer additional teaching material.