flexFLEX is an outdoor laboratory representing an external learning facility where students have the possibility to experience the strong connection between chemistry and nature.

We offer experimentation days for pre-school up to chemistry advanced course groups. In our practical courses we experimentally develop different environment and nature related topics. Hereby the aspect of sustainability plays an important role.

Practical courses suitable for different classes are developed and performed by students together with lecturers in Chemistry Didactics at Siegen University.

FLEX is part of the “zdi-Schülerlabor (SUSI)” of Siegen University.

The development as an outdoor laboratory for students was supported by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) and the NRW initiative zdi.

On 6500 m² there are multiple possibilities to discover and experience nature. The area includes a pond, self-made willow tipis as well as different beds for herbage and a hut containing laboratory equipment.